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Is the King James Bible full of hard to understand, archaic, obsolete words?  Do you know the meanings of "avouch", "bruit", "collop", "durst", and "emerods"?  The King James Bible can be difficult to understand for many people who are not accustomed to its vocabulary. Using the King James Dictionary you can now learn the meaning of all those obsolete, extinct Bible words, like "concupiscence," "greaves" and "wist"... The King James Dictionary is a software program that will increase your knowledge of the King James Bible. Have you ever been puzzled by a word in the King James Bible and tried to look it up using a regular dictionary like Websters or the American Heritage Dictionary?  Don't despair...  Go directly to our handy dictionary containing over 860 words deemed archaic and find its definition quickly. The entire word dictionary can also be printed out for use with your Bible reading.

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